Hector Cavazos
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OMG!! What is She Thinking?

OMG! What is She Thinking?!

Project Description

This was a real-world research project turned into an illustrated book. It captures the digital world my teenage daughter lives and tries to answer the question of why she does what she does. It tackles such topics as decision-making, influences and, of course, boys.

Project Concept/Design Goals

My goal of this book was to capture the spirit of my young teenage daughter and the digital world she is living in. I utilized graphics from her phone software like the texting bubbles and the blue lighting. The illustrations were kept pretty loose to show some agitation in my quest for clarity. Nothing in her world is sharp and clear, so I made sure to color out of the lines and show rough lines and bright colors.

Year of Completion


Categories or Disciplines

Illustration, Print layout 

Kind of Project

Print design, Book layout